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The Olympic Peninsula Tree Services Directory provides listings for tree services companies that operate on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State.

We provide listings for tree removal services, tree pruning services, tree stump removal or tree stump grinding, and general tree health care (arborist services).  Tree care professionals are known as arborists or sometimes referred to as "tree doctors."

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Olympic Peninsula Tree Service

For property owners and managers, trees are often a valuable commodity and need proper care to maintain health and flourish.  Oftentimes, caring for our trees properly is beyond our knowledge, available time and physical ability - that's when we need the help of a tree service professional. 

When looking for Olympic Peninsula Tree Services, you can find them all quickly and easily at the Olympic Peninsula Tree Services Directory.  There you will find Olympic Peninsula tree removal services, Olympic Peninsula hazard tree removal professionals, Olympic Peninsula tree pruning experts, experienced Olympic Peninsula tree health care companies, and Olympic Peninsula certified arborists (commonly referred to as "tree doctors"). 

Also learn when a tree should be removed, the right time to prune a tree and how to do it, how to evaluate the general health of a tree and how to avoid common problems associated with tree care.

Tree Services Olympic Peninsula


  1. Over thinning, topping: Removing too much live foliage from a tree or indiscriminately reducing the height of a tree to a stub can have long lasting negative effects, possibly leading to the premature death of a tree.
  2. Over watering: Applying too much water to tree root zone, especially where drainage is poor, can cause roots to suffocate and die. Tree decline and death often follow.
  3. Stakes left on too long: Tree supports should be removed as soon as a tree can stand on its own. The tree will develop a better, stronger rooting system and the chance of damage due to stakes and ties will be minimized.
  4. Lack of water: Trees need adequate amounts of water to survive. Infrequent deep watering is best. If you have just planted a new tree, be sure the root ball is as thoroughly watered as the surrounding soil.
  5. Fertilizing without a soil analysis: While applying fertilizer without an analysis is a common practice, it is best to know what nutrients are lacking in the soil before any applications take place. In fact, an abundance of certain elements can be toxic to plants and trees.
  6. Poor advice: Unfortunately, it is often those who hold themselves out to be professionals who end up offering bad advice. Be sure you talk to a Certified Arborist, Board-Certified Master Arborist, or Consulting Arborist, and don’t be afraid to pay for a professional opinion-it will probably save you money in the long run.
  7. Root bound plants and trees: Many plants and trees are purchased from nurseries in a root bound condition. This is a significant defect in young plants and trees and will often lead to death or failure years after planting.
  8. Weed whip damage: Too many young trees have been irreparably damaged by aggressive weed trimmer use. Keep any turf at least 8-12 inches from a tree and this problem will be less likely to occur.
  9. Root pruning: In most cases loss of root tissue will have an effect on the overall health, and possibly the stability, of tree. Keep in mind that the effect of root pruning may not be evident for several years.
  10. Wrong tree, wrong place: There are volumes of information about putting the “right tree in the right place”. Be sure you have considered all the environmental, spatial, and maintenance components of a particular location for a tree before you put it in the ground.

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